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Why double dare?

by Double Dare January 18, 2017

Why double dare?

Conceptualized from the belief that any beauty routine, makeup musts, or skincare needs can be super easy, deeply intense, fabulously fast, and amazingly routine-simplifying, the idea for Double Dare was born.

For today's gal (or guy) on-the-go, Double Dare dares you to take your skincare system and cosmetics creations to the next level with innovative prettifying pouch products that you can take anywhere and do anytime.

Double Dare incorporates the ideas of routine-simplification, travel-friendly, and intense, amplified application using curated singular skincare sets that effectively cleanse, detoxify, treat, and hydrate all with controlled, highly concentrated, precise, and potent portions every time. Create captivating cosmetic creations with unique, fun, and flirty makeup bag must-haves. Gone are the days of wasteful product usage, messy masks, and hard to handle, unsanitary packaging.

All the work has already been done for you.
All you need to do is grab, go, and get gorgeous!
We dare you. We Double Dare you!

This is why double dare has come into the world. 

Blog Editor
Blog Editor

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Dotty J Boucher
Dotty J Boucher

February 08, 2017

I love that there is something out there that can help better my skin, I know sometimes it can take me a bit to relax and unwind and that includes taking care of my facial skin.


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