What happens to your skin when you jet away?

What happens to your skin when you jet away?


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Does a trip to a tropical beach sound incredible right now? Maybe work takes you places near and far. Either way, sometimes the only way to travel from Point A to Point B includes a ride from a friendly airline.

So often we wait at the terminal, racking our brains with plane departure times, what we’ve packed (or have forgotten), and what we’ll do when we land. All the while, your skin screams out for what its about to experience. Even if you’re sitting in coach, that doesn’t mean your skin can’t have a first class experience. Our goal: Let’s help you relax and take care of yourself on the plane so that you have less to think about when you get where you’re going.

You don’t know what you don’t know. It’s a simple statement with big implications. So what happens to your skin when you jet away? The best way to understand the importance of taking care of yourself is to know what you’re up against. Don’t fret. We have your answers.

  1. You might not be crossing the Sahara Desert, but your skin doesn’t know this difference. Once those doors are sealed, the air drastically changes. Yes, it’s still safe to breathe, but it loses a significant amount of humidity. Like a fish out of a lake, your skin clamors from the water loss. It’s a rough situation that can lead to skin with a rough texture. 
  1. Is the plane supposed to make that noise? Your fingers dig into the armrests as a couple bad bumps shake you up. That, as well as the craziness involved with packing and getting to the airport, is what we in the business call stress. Let’s add to our recipe. Travel pillows collecting sweat, waking up to the siren’s voice of a baby’s scream two rows up, or even the irregularity in washing your face provides a battleground for your skin to go to war with itself. 
  1. While we’re on the topic of washing and battlegrounds, let’s talk about germs. Where are some of the dirtiest places on an airplane? Let’s pull out a computer, set it on the tray table, and look it up… Too late. You’ve already touched it. Between the tray table, recycled air, and the strange need to touch your face more, airplanes are the perfect storm of raining germs onto your face. 
  1. Sometimes the easiest way to blast through time on a plane involves sleep. Your legs find an acceptable position, your arms drop to your side, and you start counting those sheep. Bliss, right? Not quite. While you snooze, your body uses this opportunity to blow up like a balloon. Though it’s fair to say you won’t pop, it doesn’t mean the lack of circulation won’t sap that glow from your cheeks. 
  1. Not to add insult to injury, but beyond swelling, lack of movement generally equals a lack of circulation. This probably seems like a lot to process. Try relaxing with a bite to eat and a drink to settle down. Siren. Siren. Red alert! Consuming alcohol, ingesting high-sodium food, and dealing with low cabin pressure can put the body in a state of retention. It thinks it’s helping by holding on tight to that water inside your system, but it also can retain it in places you’d rather not advertise. 
  1. Last on our list targets those who have oily skin. Maybe you think it a cheat code with all of the dehydration we’ve mentioned. Sadly, that’s not the case. We all want to have some form of normality in our lives, and our skin does too. Put skin in a situation where it loses oil, and it will compensate by creating more to fix the problem. Even though you can’t swim in the amount of oil it produces, it doesn’t mean your pores can’t. With the potential of sweating mixed in, your invitation for blemishes has been sent. 

How can anyone justify flying with all of these problems? Sit back, relax, and know we have the answers for you. Double Dare’s Jet line was created with the intention to satisfy your needs in the air, grabbing inspiration from cactuses that really know how survive in intense conditions.

Dryness, pollution, impurities, oh my! These beasts have met their match. With Double Dare’s 2 in 1 Anti-Oxidant Mask Kit, the microfiber towelette and super hydrating mask work together to draw on the strength of super antioxidants such as cactus fruit and blueberry. This infusion repairs, soothes, and maintains the skin’s suppleness while simultaneously drawing out impurities and elevating moisture levels.

Should your concerns lend themselves to your look when you emerge from the plane, the 2 in 1 Soothing Mask Kit is here to rejuvenate, hydrate, and shield the skin against harmful environmental stress. Let’s turn the arrival look from a frumpy mess into a facial delight.

Are you still disgusted with what can happen to your skin in the sky? Some of our list is so cringe-worthy that we needed an extra special item to help. The Oil to Foam Jet Cleanser helps to banish those germs we talked about while dissolving makeup. Is that not enough? We hear you. That’s why it also protects the skin from aging, allowing the restoration of your vitality and appearance of youth.

Maybe you don’t have time for a mask, or you can’t justify throwing it on in front of strangers. If you haven’t figured it out yet, we have a solution.

Please don’t look at me while a put a mask on my face! If embarrassment of taking care of yourself proves too large an obstacle to overcome, the Invisible Sleeping Jet Mask has your name on it. While fighting against the appearance of aging and adding to your skin’s natural radiance, it goes on clear so your travel mates are none the wiser.

The All In One Jet Serum is our speed king. It’s instantly absorbed, leaving the skin soft, supple, and moisturized. Perfection finds a new form in replacing your toner and moisturizer. It’s the key to less stress, less to carry on, and more bang for your buck.

Double Dare has made sure that each of these items is within the liquid limits so you have no problem getting to your gate. With everything you now know, keep in mind that happy travels start with happy skin! 


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