We Double Dare You to Be Eco-Friendly

We Double Dare You to Be Eco-Friendly


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A trickster genie grants you one wish. Maybe you request a five-course meal, only to find it gives you the worst indigestion you’ve ever experienced. If this were a present day wish, it’s more likely that we ask for a way to keep us protected from the Coronavirus. Boom! Wish granted, but the twist is that we’ve polluted our oceans and land with the masks keeping us safe.

In all seriousness, it’s wonderful that we have the resources to venture out into the world during the Covid epidemic. Masks, social distancing, and sheltering at home are all options that work toward the common goal of safety. Even so, it’s important that we take responsibility for the changes created in our lifestyles.


Now, more than ever, there has been an increase in plastics being used for delivery packaging and takeout orders. Many of the safety and medical precautions use plastics too, which include sanitizing bottles, gloves, medical suits, and even disposable masks. As a result, our fight to save humanity has caused our eyes to shift away from aiding the battle to protect planet earth.


Though finding a perfect solution to the plastic problem is a stretch, there are many small ways in which we can help slow or prevent the rising environmental issues. Here are some simple ideas we can all do to make a difference:


An obvious, but often neglected action to prevent pollution, is to make sure your trash and recycling ends up in the proper receptacles. In a world concerned with the power of germs, many extra efforts to pick up waste have halted. That’s why making sure your garbage is disposed of properly is so much more important during these times.


Do you have the option to use alternative and reusable resources? This is the perfect time to analyze your lifestyle. Instead of paper plates, try adding a little elbow grease into doing a few extra dishes. How about sandwich bags? Many alternative options are on the market which allow you to make the purchase once, allowing you to save money while preventing further buildup of trash. Any additional effort counts in the big picture.


Following that same line of thought, we can approach our protection in the same manner. Reusable masks are an incredible way to stay safe, save money, and prevent the landfills and oceans from overflowing. To wash them, all you have to do is choose a neutral detergent, work the suds in with your fingers, and rinse thoroughly. Rather than using machines or energy to dry, you can pat it down with a towel to absorb the moisture and hang the mask indoors. Poof! Who knew you didn’t need a genie to keep yourself heathy and to do your part to make the world a cleaner place?


Double Dare advocates staying safe while you’re out and about, as well as maintaining the cleanliness of the earth. That’s why our reusable mask offers a fantastic solution. Not only can it save money over time, but it’s 3D fit also offers extreme comfort. The PM 0.3 filters are easily replaced, ensuring you’re always at the top of your safety game, and if you’re running low on wash time, you can always use the Bye! Bye! Germs OMG! All Purpose Sanitizing Wipes for fast and easy cleaning on the go.


No matter what extra steps you choose, thanks for doing your part to make our world a better place!    

29 Jun

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