Why Typical Hair Masks Are Not Enough?

Why Typical Hair Masks Are Not Enough?


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There are hundreds of hair products available from shampoo and conditioner to elaborate serums, waxes, and masks. There are so many products that is it almost impossible to know where to begin. If you are on a journey back to healthy hair, this can be daunting. Many try store-bought restoration products and hair masks, but find that these products simply do not work.


Department and drug store products are not salon quality. They often contain harsh chemicals that can actually damage your hair instead of repairing it! These products are meant to make your hair appear healthier, and many of them say that right on the package. The key word here is appear. After immediate use, and sometimes even days after, your hair will appear shinier, bouncier, thicker, etc. This is because the product is embedded in your hair, but as it wears away or is washed away, the results diminish. As the chemicals begin stripping away, often, so does your hair. The damage that was there before remains, and many times new damage is also!


Another reason typical hair masks and products do not work is because they are not designed to get to the root of the problem – literally. The root and scalp are where healthy hair begins. If you are not nourishing the scalp and protecting the root, healthy hair is not possible. The true strength comes from the root, which bears the weight of your hair. A hair mask that works will work from the scalp to the ends, ensuring the repair happens at the source and continues through the hair follicle for truly healthier locks.


Healthy hair isn’t achieved through a simple one step process. When you’re on the go – which for most of us is always – it is difficult to achieve amazing results on short time. We all want to be able to say OMG! My hair looks perfect! There is one way to achieve this response – by using the OMG! 3IN1 Hair Repair System. Using natural oils, the scalp is nourished and significant damage is reduced.

Beginning with a healing, natural shampoo, your hair will be cleansed of excess oils and impurities. The protein-rich formula uses natural, organic extracts of coconut, lavender, and rosemary leaf oil to cleanse your strands while preparing them for them for optimal health. The next step is also made up of a protein-rich complex which uses Omegas 3,6, and 7, rich Argan oil, and Vitamin E. The recovery protein treatment protects the hair and eliminates frizz. It also helps to reduce breakage and promote healthy, shiny hair. This formula will actually remain on your hair as you proceed to the final step which uses a self-warming collagen and keratin infused mask. The innovative technology behind this mask cap encourages the protein, collagen, and keratin to penetrate deep into your hair follicles and scalp, helping them to absorb all the nutrients.


Luxurious, healthy hair can be a reality, even for those who lead the busiest of lifestyles. The most important step to achieving and maintaining healthy hair is using the right product. Stop wasting money on drug store formulas that promise results but always fall flat – like your hair when you use them. Choose a product that makes you say “OMG! Look at my amazing hair!” The best formulas use natural, organic ingredients that nourish your natural hair and offer real beauty results. The OMG! Hair Repair System is a product that delivers the healthy hair you’ve always wanted in 3 easy steps!

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